A nurse is a so-called social trust. Therefore, for your employer, they will primarily count on competence and professionalism. How to write the perfect nurse resume? Proper preparation is key. Think about the expectations mentioned in the advertisement. Which of them do you fulfill and what can you be proud of? What can you offer?

You need to convince your future boss with concrete details: graduating from university in the field of nursing, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and, of course, accumulated professional experience.

When it comes to soft skills – the ideal nurse needs to be focused, composed and able to work under time pressure. Good communication and empathy are also of great importance in this demanding profession. great contact with patients.

Are you applying for the position of nurse? Check what you should remember when composing your CV.

Nurse cv – what character features are useful?

    • Resilience
    • Patience
    • Ability to connect with people
    • Caring
    • Composure
    • Empathy towards the patient
    • Responsibility
    • Willingness to help
    • A kind approach to the patient

Apart from medical knowledge, mental predisposition is also very important in your profession. You will have contact with people who are suffering, therefore you should be calm, patient, and also warm and pleasant.

This profession is most often chosen by women. Perhaps it is because they are considered much more empathetic than men. This does not exclude them, of course, as they can become nurses as well.

What skills should a nurse have?

  • Great ability to concentrate
  • Good memory
  • Ability to think logically and watch carefully
  • Quick reflexes
  • Efficient computer use
  • Blood collection (for adults and children)
  • Current license to practice
  • Knowledge of medical procedures;
  • Ability to perform diagnostic tests as well as treatment, nursing and rehabilitation procedures
  • Knowledge of nurses’ work regulations, social welfare, sanitary and epidemiological regulations
  • Identifying and interpreting health symptoms, diseases, threats to life, disabilities (evaluation); diagnosis
  • A person practicing this profession should be fit and physically strong.

Remember: The more the employer finds similarities in the advertisement and the skills in your CV, the greater the chance that he will invite you to an interview. The list of your most important skills should be on the first page of your CV.

Professional summary in the nurse cv

Although this section is placed at the top of the application form, it is best to complete it at the very end. Why? Because you have your entire story in front of your eyes. And now you will have to collect it all and introduce yourself in a few neat, specific words. Show who you are right away. You will do well if you refer to the requirements in the advertisement at the beginning.

Write your position, where and how long you work and for which job you are applying for. In your professional summary, you can mention that you are a patient person who likes contact with patients, builds close relationships with them, is calm, caring, you have a friendly approach to the patient. Especially if these features are mentioned in the job offer.

Examples of a Vocational Summary in Nurses CV

“Qualified nurse qualified to practice as a nurse with more than 20 years of professional experience in public and private-public health facilities.”

“A caring and committed nurse, empathetic and easy to relate to patients ”

The mere fact of graduating from a suitable school is not enough. Competition in the market is fierce, so what can really set you apart is your hands-on experience. Work experience is a section that should be almost at the top of your application document, under the heading and job summary.

Focus on specific tasks, avoid hard-to-verify generalities. In the first place, indicate those activities that appear in the requirements in the job offer. Avoid text blocks, use bullets and boldface – this will make your CV more readable.

What are the nurse’s main duties?

  • providing residents with comprehensive nursing care
  • cooperation with the doctor and the clinic in the implementation of medical recommendations
  • performing nursing and caring treatments (including administering medications, drips, injections, dressings, blood sampling, anti-bedsore care, etc.)
  • performing ECG and other tests depending on the authorization
  • first aid in life-threatening situations and in emergencies
  • day and night duty on duty
  • keeping medical and nursing records
  • economic supervision medication
  • preparation of offices for work
  • sterilization of tools

The profession of a nurse, similar to the profession of a lawyer, notary, or doctor, is called a free profession. This means that it is supervised by the professional self-government and it can be performed not only by working full-time, but also as part of independent practice. It is essential to be able to understand the pain and anguish of the patient and to be willing to help.

cv pielęgniarka

Courses and trainings

A nurse’s CV should also contain information about courses or trainings related to the job offer (e.g. family-environment nurse course, ECG and vaccinations course, spirometry course).

According to the law, a nurse should constantly update her knowledge and professional skills, in particular by completing postgraduate studies or vocational courses.

The nurse, unlike the doctor, is not obliged to constantly collect the so-called education points for participating in further training. To broaden your qualifications, you can undergo specialist training in one (or more) areas:
  • anesthesia
  • nursing and intensive care
  • surgical nursing
  • diabetes nursing
  • epidemiological nursing
  • geriatric nursing
  • cardiological nursing
  • nephrology nursing with dialysis
  • neonatal nursing
  • neurological nursing
  • cancer nursing
  • surgical nursing
  • long-term care nursing
  • palliative care nursing
  • pediatric nursing
  • psychiatric nursing
  • emergency nursing
  • nursing family
  • nursing in teaching and learning environment
  • nursing in occupational health
  • nurse conservative
  • health promotion and health education
  • organization and management

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will also be an advantage, especially English. Since we currently have a lot of guests from Ukraine and Russia, it is worth having a certificate confirming that you can communicate in their languages.


The professional ones usually don’t sound too honest – unless this job is really your calling. If so, write more generally than “nursing”. The passions related to helping people and showing a high level of empathy – such as volunteering in a hospice, health education or health promotion will look good.

cv dla pielęgniarki

The most common places where a nurse can find employment are:

  • hospitals,
  • clinics,
  • clinics
  • schools,
  • nursing and care facilities
  • hospices,
  • sanatoria
  • emergency medical units

Few pieces of advice for the end

Take time before submitting your dream application. Go back to your CV the next day – or at least in a few hours. And then …

  • Be sure to check for inconsistencies or typos.
  • Delete any unnecessary information such as marital status, address and parents’ names.
  • Write a concise job summary. This is the most important element of your application – it must be specific and convincing.
  • Be sure to show off your strengths in your CV. A good nurse is resolute and resistant to human suffering, but on the other hand, she can smile and encourage patients.
  • Use bold text to draw the employer’s attention to those parts of your resume most relevant to your advertisement. Just remember not to abuse it.
  • Be sure to save your resume in .pdf format, which is stable.
  • Think about how you can title the file. The mere name of “CV” says little and you run the risk of drowning in a pile of rejected applications. Complete with your first and last name, it sounds so much better.
  • Take a moment to compose a message for your employer. Also, think over the email title – even in this way, you can stand out from the crowd.

As a general rule, it is good for your CV to be 1 A4 page. Sometimes, however, especially with work experience involving a greater number of employers, it is impossible. Then it may contain 2 pages; it is assumed that there should be no more.

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