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How are Argumentative and Persuasive Essays Different


How are Argumentative and Persuasive Essays Different?

Where an argumentative and a persuasive essay differ, is the approach the author should take to influence the reader’s opinion. When engaging in an argument, the good way to win it is to present facts and truths that clearly prove the superiority of your point of view, while diminishing the value of your opponent’s. In this case, it may either be a defined opponent in the face of a person or party which states its claims on the matter in question, or the general worldview – the way things are perceived by the general public or a particular community, which only reacts on your input, but does not actively contribute to the argument. In case of a written argumentative essay, the reader acts as a passive recipient to your opinion, taking in the facts and truths you present, analyzing your logic and way of thinking (the only way the reader can actually “protest” your way of thought is to stop reading). In a persuasive essay, you also add the element of personification to the topic, attempting to convince the reader that your way of thinking is better, and should thus be adopted.

To make it simple, when you get involved in an argument, you claim that “this is good”, but when you try to persuade someone, you claim that “this is good for You”, resulting in a more active and/or aggressive approach. I would say that when I do my English essay in a persuasive fashion, I “convince” instead of “inform”.How are Argumentative and Persuasive Essays Different service to know

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