How many pages should an effective CV contain? Is a long or short CV better? Check out our tips! You are writing a CV. You know what you are doing this for – you want a job. You know what you want to write in it – your education history, contact details, what you did there professionally before.

You know WHAT to write. The question remains, HOW – and for how long? The answer to the question of how long a CV should be is not as obvious as they said in elementary school.

Let’s imagine a recruiter in two situations.

1. Recruiter gets a long CV

What will they think about such a candidate?

Perhaps he is very experienced, that he has achieved a lot in his life; that he is willing to act. Or maybe he’s cocky. Or maybe that he cannot organize information, select data, distinguish between things that are important and less.

Of course, a lot also depends on what you write – whether it will be specifics or pouring water. But let’s agree – when a recruiter gets 5 or 25 CVs and each has 3 pages, hardly anyone in his place would be able to read them from cover to cover.

Let’s not torture the poor recruiter with elaboration about ourselves, not at this stage of the recruitment process.

2. The recruiter gets a short CV

The same question – what will the readers think? Well, we have someone reserved – he did not write, maybe he is modest, or maybe he does not know how to present himself.

Or maybe he just has no idea about the industry, no experience (even in a position similar to this, even from volunteering, from school projects – remember, your experience does not have to be working on this the position itself, let it be anything that can show that you have a chance. And he may also think that you are not even trying to convince your employer with such a short CV. So what CV to write?

What we write is the most important – but the way we write it, the way we write it, has a huge impact on the reception of the content.

Your CV should be 1-2 pages long. 2 is really a maximum. It’s best to limit yourself to one unless you really have so much to say about yourself as a candidate that you need to give more pages.

Why is 1 page better? Because if they print their CVs unilaterally during the recruitment process, the second page may be misplaced, mixed up with other CVs. And if they print on both sides Рthey may… not think about turning the page over. A simple thing, the usual inattention just happens.

What to do if your CV is too long?

  • Be essential.
  • Use shortcuts – if you mention social media management in your duties, go ahead and write “SM management”.
  • Or, a trick known to all students and students – make the font smaller.

What to do if your CV is too short?

  • Explain more – if you only have one position in your work experience, please describe exactly what your job was, what tasks you had.
  • List more of your strengths or skills – in the eyes of the recruiter you will make up for a little experience by showing yourself as a person who wants to learn!

Force is a CV template that has a unique design and very attractive colors. It is aimed at people who want to break the standard Curriculum Vitae layout. Due to the additions and the arrangement of the sections – it will contain much less content than the 2-column template.

The optimal length of a CV is 1 to 2 pages. It should be succinct, but not too restrained. The length depends on how much you have to show off. You can shorten or lengthen your CV by describing your positions or responsibilities, but also the layout of the document.

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