Few things feel like butterflies in your stomach like an interview. It’s a bit scary and undoubtedly stressful to sit in front of the recruiter and talk about yourself. 99% of people have been through it. Do not worry!

To help you stay cool during an interview, we have compiled a list of needed phrases that you should always have at hand when talking about your personality, strengths and weaknesses , experience and reasons for applying for a job.


During the interview, the recruiter (your potential boss) will want to check if the potential employee (you) will fit the existing crew. The time has come to show why you are the best candidate. Here is a list of useful phrases:

  • I make contacts easily: I work well,
  • I am hardworking: no signs of laziness,
  • I am compulsory: I’m doing my duty conscientiously
  • I’m reliable
  • I’m honest
  • I’m focused on my duties: it’s not easy to distract me
  • I am logical and pay attention to the details,
  • I am independent: I don’t need the constant help of the leader to complete the project.

You can say: I make contacts easily.

And if you want to sound more explicit, you can always use the adverbs: very, really, extremely ( I am very hardworking, I make contacts very easily, etc.)


The interviewer will ask you what you are especially good. Why? The job you are applying for requires specific skills, time to show what you can do!

Positive character traits and skills that the employer may require:

  • good organization,
  • multitasking,
  • meeting deadlines,
  • problem-solving skills,
  • communication skills,
  • ability to work in international team,
  • foreign language skills,
  • enthusiasm.

You can say: I am good at performing several duties simultaneously, working under time pressure, meeting deadlines or My good points are: problem solving, enthusiasm, knowledge of foreign languages ​​ etc.


If you have worked before, you have valuable experience necessary in your new job. Depending on the job you are applying for, your knowledge gained at school or university may be worth emphasizing. Here are some examples of phrases you can use:

  • I have five years of experience as a waiter / teacher / sales person.
  • I have worked in sales for seven years, after a year I was promoted to manager.
  • I graduated from Qeensland University.
  • I worked at Anderson and Assoc as a lawyer.

Be prepared to cover the main points on your CV. Use this opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills in more detail.


Now is the time to tell the recruiter why are you applying for the position. Maybe you want to gain experience in the profession, learn something specific. Remember that you are perfect for this job, show that you know the company you want to work for. The following phrases may help you:

  • I would like to develop my skills as a barista / receptionist / social worker / teacher.
  • I would like to gain the necessary experience in physiotherapy / as a physiotherapist, in administration / as an office worker, in sales / as a salesman.
  • I know that your company is an important player in the market.
  • My skills can be a great help in the development of your company. I am especially good at…

It is especially important to highlight the last point. The person who will be recruiting you will want to check if you really want this job. Of course, don’t overdo it, just say it honestly and openly.

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