If you are an extrovert and result-oriented person – a job in trade and sales may be an ideal solution. What should an ideal salesperson’s CV look like? Here are some tips.

It is the responsibility of a person in positions such as cashier-salesperson, sales representative or sales manager to take care of the sale of goods. There are many industries – agricultural produce, industrial products or services are sold. It is an ideal environment for people who are active, energetic and result-oriented.

Only how to write a resume for a salesperson? What qualities should an ideal trader have? First, think about what makes you suitable for this job.

Maybe you are everywhere? If you already work in a given industry and have specific results – this will be an excellent argument.  In this industry, soft competencies are important, because without them no customer will believe us or come back to us.

An excellent salesperson has the ability to combine his innate soft skills with the knowledge and skills he acquired during his education and professional career.

Examples of merchant advantages:

  • Extraversion and ability to work with people;
  • Cash register support and the ability to quickly and accurately count;
  • Building long-term relationships;
  • Sales effectiveness (concrete results);
  • Having a sanitary and epidemiological booklet;
  • Category B driving license;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Education directional;
  • Computer skills and invoicing skills;

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the ability to cooperate with a foreign client will be a great advantage. Want to know how to effectively describe the “language skills” section?

A trader should know negotiation techniques and be a pretty good negotiator. That’s what his job is mainly about, so he can’t get involved in the discussion. Being a trader may involve frequent travel, so it is important that you have a driving license. The year in which we obtained the qualifications may show that we are experienced drivers.

Where to look for a job as a trader?

A trader can work in both large corporations and smaller companies. The CV should be adjusted to each of these circumstances – both from the graphic side and by making a list of keywords based on a specific advertisement or information found on the company’s website (when we write to the chosen employer who is not currently recruiting).

A sales representative must first of all be open to people and be effective. Therefore, it would be good to start by choosing the right type of CV.

You can choose a chronological or functional CV. When it comes to colors – you may be tempted to use the colors of the company you apply to. If you want to sell organic products – why not go green?

Navy blue and gray will work better in a bank. The whole thing, however, cannot be dark, because it makes reading difficult. A professional photo in elegant clothes will be an advantage.

What competencies should a person working in this position have?

  • High personal culture and well-groomed appearance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge and ability to use sales techniques
  • Ability to persuade
  • Consistency and persistence in pursuing the entrusted tasks
  • Time management skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Ability to independently solve problems
  • Industry knowledge
  • Speed ​​of response in surprising situations
  • Ease of networking
  • Determination in pursuit of goals

Mental and physical predispositions:

  • Patience and composure
  • Assertiveness
  • Independence
  • Self-confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Positive attitude to work
  • Mindset for success

What to write in the CV?

The more specific we are, the more confidence we gain. When building further sections, especially when describing work experience, keywords must also be used.

  • First of all, write who you are e.g. “I am a sales representative with 2 years of experience. I specialize in the medical industry. “
  • Add specific information about your professional success e.g. “I increased my sales of product X in the region by 7%.”
  • Mention where you want to work, mentioning the job title you are applying for e.g. “I am currently looking for a job as a medical representative”.

The professional goal rubric, just like our entire professional CV, should be matched to the position for which we apply.

Why is work experience important?

This section is to make it clear to our Employer that we already have experience in a given field. Since in this work, effectiveness is the most important, it is worth using specific numbers to reflect our results. Merely reciting individual jobs will do nothing. It is better to write a CV for 2 pages and mention that you have developed a sales conversation scheme increasing sales of the department by 10% than for 1 and omit such important information.

When describing the duties, it is worth using phrases such as:

• “I handled the cash register and conducted cash report ”

• “During last year I have increased the number of successful sales calls by 23% ”

The short information that we have experience in the B2C or B2B sector will also prove our professionalism.


10.2011 – now
Lidl Polska
Position: Junior Buyer

The most important responsibilities:

  • I lowered the cost of buying Isana cosmetics by 15%
  • I concluded contracts with foreign suppliers
  • I created sales strategies for the Isana brand
  • I looked after the product category as a whole
  • I monitored the market in terms of demand and supply
  • I was involved in training the staff of companies cooperating knowledge about the product, sales method and culture

We devote the most space to the current/last position in our career. For specialist and managerial positions, work experience is best presented in 3 parts: Tasks, Completed Projects and Key Achievements.


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