A good marketing specialist is someone who will effectively promote a product and increase its sales. If you believe you have these qualities, all you have to do is prepare the perfect CV. How to do it and what should it include?

As a marketing specialist, you are responsible for how your product is perceived. This means that your duties will include building marketing strategies, analysis of results or cooperation with other departments (e.g. sales).

The requirement for candidates for marketing specialists is primarily experience in a similar position. The predisposition to perform this profession and character traits are also important.

What strengths and character traits should an effective marketing specialist possess?

  • Creativity,
  • Consistency in achieving the goal,
  • Ability to think analytically,
  • Communication,
  • Determination, stubbornness
  • Perfect work organization
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What skills should a marketer have?

  • An open mind and constant willingness to learn new things – marketing does not stand still, on the contrary, it develops very dynamically.
  • The marketer deals with mailing, social media, and often blogs.
  • Ambition and passion – a marketer without passion is a marketer without commitment.
  • Use of foreign languages ​​ – and certainly English. It cannot be denied that most of the most interesting marketing-related publications are written in English.
  • Knowledge of psychology – knowledge of psychology is important in the work of a marketer. Creating a marketing campaign requires the use of the language of persuasion.
  • Ability to work in a group – most marketing campaigns are created by a team of specialists. Therefore, communication and cooperation skills are important. A marketing specialist coordinates the work of, among others: graphic designers and copywriters.
  • Marketing tools management – many programs can facilitate marketing analysis. Therefore, the ability to handle them is most often required by employers.
  • Knowledge of PPC (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) – there is a good chance that you will coordinate or create paid campaigns on the Internet – knowledge of the Google Ads platform and Facebook Ads will definitely be a big plus.

And also:

  • Good SEO knowledge
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Knowledge of SALESmanago or other marketing automation tools

A properly written job summary and career goal determine your “to be or not to be”, especially when you apply to a company that is not currently looking for employees. It is a bit like introducing yourself to a potential boss while riding the elevator. A maximum of two sentences in length and the use of benefit language will tell the reader who you really are.

The more details and numbers, the better.

“Marketing specialist with four years of experience, responsible for the success of the XYZ brand ” – sounds better than a cliche.

You can also expand your professional summary and write:

“As a person meticulous, creative, focused on achieving goals in an effective but unconventional way, I care about the development of competencies in the field of creating engaging, motivating content and effective communication strategies.”

“I am a marketing specialist with over 2 years of experience. I constantly strive to improve my qualifications and skills in the field of marketing and sales. I specialize in social media and connect the future with this dynamically developing industry.”

“My professional interests are focused on marketing with an emphasis on internet activities. The experience I gained allows me to effectively work with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In my work I combine the skills of working with graphic tools, traditional marketing and online activities. ”

How to describe work experience

On average, 250 candidates apply for one job position. You already know why a recruiter spends about 6 seconds on one CV. So the most important thing is hard data. It’s okay to write in first person, but not essential.

What do you specialize in?

Whisper marketing? Www pages? Building a strategy? Branding? Advertising in traditional media? Instead of dazzling generalities, go for the concrete. Describe what budget you had and what your responsibilities were. What results you achieved.

Extensive experience in working in marketing is a huge plus. Make sure you describe them properly. Show off your successes.

To this end, show off your achievements with numbers or percentages, for example:

  • I increased the conversion by 9%
  • I increased the number of visits to the website from 100 people to 1200 people per month
  • I doubled my profit on sales to PLN 1 million

If you are just starting out, apply for an internship or consider an internship. In the documents, emphasize that you have the qualities that are useful in the agency and prove it.

Write what the employer will gain by choosing you. Also, do not make the mistake of many Candidates and do not confuse marketing with sales, because it is not the same thing.

You can go over one page – as long as you accurately and convincingly tell about what you do and why. A good trick is to bold keywords and get rid of unnecessary information, such as professional episodes not related to marketing.

Remember that you have to show how much the company will gain by choosing just you.

By gathering references and a portfolio, you also increase your chances in the recruitment process.

What are the main responsibilities of a marketing professional?

  • Participation in the development of a marketing strategy
  • Planning and implementation of ATL / BTL marketing campaigns
  • Editing press publications and promotional texts
  • Active participation in creating image and marketing materials
  • Caring for the quality of marketing materials (timeliness and availability)
  • Close cooperation with the sales department
  • Cooperation with external partners to implement the adopted marketing strategy
  • Representation of the company outside during fairs, conferences or other meetings,
  • Participation in running a website, activities on social networks and promoting the company
  • Marketing budget management
  • Monitoring internet trends, competition activity.

The scope of tasks, though it seems substantial anyway, may increase. The profession of a marketer is strongly associated with creativity, which means that a lot depends on the specialists themselves.

Education of a specialist in marketing

In the case of a marketing specialist, a university degree with a specialization in trade and marketing or marketing communication is preferred. It is of course desirable and it can certainly be considered a good side of the employee, but it should be noted that specialized education is not a necessity.

The skills of a marketer acquired through professional experience also count – not only strictly in marketing, because trade, PR or advertising can also be important.

As a marketing specialist, do not include in your marketing CV a completed junior high school, let alone elementary school. It does not matter to the employer.

In the CV of a marketing specialist, it is worth discussing work-related courses and trainings, such as a course in sales techniques or training in building an Adwords, Facebook Ads or another campaign. They show the candidate’s potential and the fact that he is willing to deepen his knowledge.

Interests in marketer’s CV

Hobbies are an underestimated element on a CV. If you “play” well, you can convince the Recruiter to yourself with these final lines. It just so happens that we remember best what is at the beginning and what is at the end.

Even if your actual hobbies belong to the immortal triad: film, sport, music , it is worth clarifying them.

If a movie, maybe “Hitchcock movies” or science fiction? If it is a sport, active volleyball or cheering your compatriots in football? If the music is playing drums or collecting old vinyl records? This is valuable information for the recruiter, because our history is behind them.

And such a tip… put only things in your CV that you want and like to talk about!

Application documents are no exception, and “industry” interests sound good as long as you really have your area of ​​interest.

You will be asked about it!

The ones associated with creativity will look good

  • graphics (showing that you know graphics programs and have a sense of style),
  • journalism (develops good communication skills)
  • new technologies (compulsory working knowledge in online marketing),
  • listening to podcasts (introduces you as a person eager to develop)
  • chess, board games (logical thinking)

What can we develop in this profession?

Due to its universality and popularity, the job offer market is very large and accessible both to people without experience (internships, internships) and qualified specialists.

We have multiple paths to choose from:

  • Development in the marketing department (Advertising Manager, Chief Specialist, Marketing Director)
  • Sales Development (Key Account Manager, Senior Sales Area Specialist)
  • Working in a marketing / advertising agency in positions related to designing marketing campaigns (positions in the so-called creative department, e.g. Copywriter)

We hope that the above information and the presented CV template for the Marketing Specialist will help you compose your CV.

The above tips can also be used when writing for other positions:

  • Advertising Specialist,
  • Advertising Consultant,
  • Advertising Space Sales Consultant
  • Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Communication Specialist
  • Marketing and PR Specialist

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